New generation business classic watches

Shenzhen Rarone Watch Industry Co., Ltd. founded in 1980s with nearly 30 years history which is a large-scale comprehensive watch enterprise integrated with research and design, production, selling, after-sales service as well as sales agent of world-class watches. With more than twenty years operating, Rarone became one of top watch brands in China, which is a state high-tech enterprise, top ten watch enterprises, top hundred light industry enterprises, China horological association executive director units, the clock standardization technical committee(SAC/TC160) member units, and won the highest prize of District quality prize; awarded the standard performance AAAA unit and has been honored Guangdong contract credit enterprise in past four years (2013-2016), got the Shenzhen Standard certificate in 2017. At the same year, Rarone Company and Guangdong light industrial institute of technology co-established the first China watch college name as Guangdong Light Academy•Rarone Watch College.

Rarone has a subsidiary of Eway Long Trading Co. Ltd, which agent more than 60 world-class wrist watch brands and has nearly 60 shops in China. With the powerful strength, Rarone has participated in drafting national watch industrial standards and put them into effect; and rewarded more than hundred national innovative technology and product design patents.

Every piece of Rarone watch strictly tested by several technicians according to the national and industrial standards and carry out ISO9001 standard to ensure the quality of every watch. We always adhere to users first and uphold innovative design and product strategy, continuing to provide users with high-quality products and sincere service. With the powerful strength and outstanding marketing performance, Rarone has realized the complete strategic cooperation with Moi department store, Inzone, Parkson Retail Group and other top commercial systems, and sales network reached more than 2,000 in China.

With the position of a new generation of business classic wristwatch, Rarone watches were divided into different styles according to men’s personality and stage. Such as classic business, sporting business, casual business and personalized business styles, which have 13 collections such as Witness, Outstanding, Eternal, Resplendent, Yes, Knight and Performing Art etc.No matter you are to attend the formal business occasion or luxury evening party or sweaty sports, all can freely match.

On September 1, 2010, Rarone Watch officially became a long-term partner of Boao Forum for Asia, and officially designated Rarone brand as the Commercial Souvenir wristwatch of Boao Forum for Asia.Chairman of the board Mr.Xizhou Zhan and general manager Mr.Jiangzhou Zhan are invited by Boao as representatives of watch industry to attend this conference every year to discuss topics of global enterprise survival and development. The Boao ﹒Wisdom collection specially designed for Boao Forum which was exhibited at that conference and was given to international politicians and outstanding businessmen as a souvenir.

The movie star Mr. Sun Honglei become the official image spokesman of Rarone watch since 2011, who is loved and accepted by audiences with his excellent acting skills and good public image as well outstanding contribution to film career, all of that are conform to the spirit of Rarone brand.

Excellent Rarone design culture demonstrates the up-and-coming spirit of business men; and helps people upgrade decent appearance and confidence as well as progressive temperament. Rarone devotes itself to realize the vision of being a century brand of China.