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Sun Honglei

Famous Actor in China

Mr Sun Honglei born in Harbin, Hei Long Jiang province on August 16th, 1970, is an actor in mainland China. He graduated from Central Academy of Drama. Started from the TV drama "like the fog like the rain and the wind" as a reserved man to “Great craftsman" as a straight and hard person; from the TV play "Conquest" cunning bossy man to the movie "seven sword" depressing and cruel hearted man; then to "latent" in the cautious and hidden; Sun Honglei plays a lot of well-known characters, Acting has also matured and become one of the best known actors in China.
In 2011, Mr. Sun Honglei, a Chinese film and television star, formally endorsed the Rarone Watch, His outstanding performance, good health and public image. What’s more, his extraordinary contribution to the film and television industry.  All were well recognized by the Chinese audiences, which is in line with the brand spirit shown by Rarone.